“Diversity officer” at UK University won’t be fired for anti-White rants.

Bahar Mustafa, a student “diversity officer” for London’s Goldsmiths University will not be removed from her position after making a series of anti-White comments and rants on Twitter.

Mustafa originally caused controversy when she banned White people from attending an “anti-racist” rally at Goldsmiths University.

Other anti-White comments she has made on Twitter and to journalists have merely fanned the flames.

Black Adolescent will Plead Guilty to Killing Promising White Lacrosse Player


A Philadelphia teen has waived his preliminary hearing and will likely plead guilty in connection with the hit-and-run accident that critically injured a Temple University lacrosse player.

The case for 18-year-old Rashan Roberts will proceed to trial, but his attorney says he hopes to negotiate a guilty plea.

Shocking injuries inflicted by teenage black thug who broke nearly every bone in white student's face in 'thrill-seeking' random attack

These are the shocking injuries inflicted on a student by a teenage thug who broke nearly every bone in his victim's face in a 'thrill-seeking' unprovoked attack.

Michael Conway, 33, was left with a broken nose, two broken cheekbones, a fractured eye socket and a broken jaw after he was targeted by Sheik Juned, 18, and 'left for dead' in Burnley, Lancashire.

Husband of White Woman Killed in Parma Shooting by Black Speaks Out

The husband of a Parma woman killed in an armed robbery on May 18 speaks out just one day after her suspected killer was arrested.

A Parma man suspected of killing a convenience store clerk in Parma was arrested in St. Louis Sunday afternoon.

Brenda Smith, 59, of Parma was shot in the head and taken to a hospital in Dexter where she later died.


Baltimore: Gun Control Freaks Blame Guns on Recent Surge of Murders Rather than on the Corruption of the Mayor and Violent Nature of Blacks

Baltimore has some of the strictest Communist style gun control measures - this is probably why it's like other liberal cities being the most violent places in the Country is only getting more violent. The corrupt government doesn't want to take responsibility for the recent huge surge in murder sprees and violence that's been going on since the Mayor gave them the safe zone to destroy the city. They blame guns and want more restrictions. The mayor doesn't even allow questions by the press on the issue. Fox news gets it right, watch the above video.


2 Black Teens Charged in Shooting Death of White Man Walking Dog

Stuhlman was shot over nothing, police said, as not one item was taken from him.

A 15-year-old boy has been officially charged in the robbery and shooting death of a man who police say was targeted because he appeared old, police told NBC10. The boy was the third suspect charged in the deadly encounter.