Estonia must accept African & Middle Eastern immigrants says politician

Kalle Laanet, an Estonian politician, spoke at the International Migration Forum held in Tallinn. He told the audience that the question is not: Should Estonia take the African and the Middle Eastern immigrants (who illegally entered Southern Europe)? He said the question is: How will Estonia take the immigrants?

Redhead banned from school for having hair that's too bright

Redheads are considered the superior variant of White people because they can deal with disease and pain better than the rest. This maybe why this disease of Communist style White Genocide is being attempted against this particular student in Carlisle, Cumbria.

News Station Censors Comments Communist Style: Obviously Biased and Anti-White

This is kind of funny, but it's not if you understand censorship, and the Communist Left pushing it's Bolshevist Zionist revolution around the world. The above photo is a collection of comments by a moderator from a TV station Eyewitness News, WFSB news article they ran concerning the officers indicted concerning the heroin dealer Freddie Gray who died and who's death triggered blacks to destroy Baltimore as well as raise violence against non-blacks around the US.

Elyria, Ohio - Gang of Blacks Beat Un-armed White Teen in Attempt to Obviously Murder Him

This has got to be the worst I've seen of this nature. As the anti-White liberal-marxist-media continues to push it's agenda of pushing White genocide and hiding the violence happening to Whites, we have here a video that once again (happening daily now) a group of blacks sucker punching a White guy then the gang of them taking their turns trying to kill him. They also steal from him and rip his clothes off.


Thug Tells Whites: Bow Down to Blacks, You’re All Gonna Die

A shocking confrontation filmed on the streets of New York highlights the racial animosity that continues to plague America in the aftermath of last year’s Ferguson riots and the rise of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

The incident began when a member of the Five-Percent Nation, a militant offshoot of the Nation of Islam, began harassing a group of white hipsters in Union Square.


Urban Black Youth Brutalizes 89 Year-Old White Woman

August 2012 - CLARKSDALE, MS - (WMC-TV) – The beating of an elderly woman with a brick outside her home has rocked the city of Clarksdale, Mississippi. Now, there is a city-wide search for that beating suspect. 

Shirley Gordon's chilling tale of violence is the latest in Clarksdale, Mississippi. She survived a brutal beating while defenseless at her home. And not only is she living to tell about it, she's warning others in the town to be aware of what's going on around them. 

Black 60’s Communist Angela Davis Declares African Invasion of Europe ‘The Movement of the 21st Century’

Angela Davis [Email her]  60’s radical, former president of the Communist Party USA, and Professor Emeritus of Feminist Studies at UC Santa Cruz,  has declared that the African invasion of Europe is “THE movement of the 21st century,” to the shock of those who thought Communism and its grasping leaders were dead.