Sources: Freddie Gray Broke Neck in Van No Evidence Injured During Arrest

An investigation into the death of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray has found no evidence that his fatal injuries were caused during his videotaped arrest and interaction with police officers, according to multiple law enforcement sources.

The sources spoke to ABC7 News after being briefed on the findings of a police report turned over to prosecutors on Thursday.


New Black Panther Head: Like Founding Fathers, We Are Willing To Kill For Black Nation

This Week on the New Black Panther Party’s “Black Power Radio,” national chairman Hashim Nzinga said since America has “declared war on us,” evidenced by “military police in the black neighborhood” protecting the rich, the New Black Panthers should be looked upon as Founding Fathers who declare war and are “willing to die or kill to save our babies and to save a black nation that is dying before our eyes.”

Nzinga said, “America is about protecting the rich and the powerful.”

He added, “We pay taxes. They have declared war on us and it’s nothing but state racism.”


For the Talmud All Land Is Jewish, Says Lawyer

Straight from the horse's mouth.

The Talmud contains the Jewish law and, as Netanyahu says, it should be the basis of Israel's - as the Jewish state - laws.

And the Talmud unequivocally states that non-Jews were born only to serve Jews, and thall all land in the world belongs to Jews.

We've heard a lot about Muslim supremacism, but very little about Jewish supremacism.

Anti-White Counton2 news station in Summerville, SC posts Anti-white news article about White Genocide Sign

This is typical. Charleston and Summerville in South Carolina has become Anti-White and are pushing their media on the people to believe such garbage. This is one of the worst and unprofessional local news newtworks who are known for being racists against White people...

Homosexual Atheist Jew Anti-White Shows How Ridiculous They Really Are in This Video


This is a hilarious video of how homosexual athiest Jewish Anti-Whites are acting in America on Campus. I don't really have to say much just watch the video and you'll see. The non-Whites around are even saying he's acting a fool. 

Black Man Beats to Death White Man with His Oxygen Tank

One man is dead, and two people are recovering from injuries after an in St. Stephen assault that ended in murder.

According to police, John Dazle, Jr.'s contact with law enforcement began Wednesday evening in Bonneau. They say he hit this median curb on Highway 52 at a high rate of speed, went out of control, off the road, slamming through signs wood and electric boxes before crashing into the woods.


Whites Banned from “Anti-Racist” Event at University in UK

Bahar Mustafa, the Welfare and Diversity officer for Goldsmiths Students’ Union, must have a strong sense of irony. You’d have to, to run an ‘anti-racism’ event which states that ‘if you’re a man and/or white PLEASE DON’T COME. As the student publication the Tab reports, the event claims to be ‘challenging the white-centric culture of occupations’, ‘diversifying our curriculum’ and building a ‘cross campus campaign that puts liberation at the heart of the movement’.